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Techloop connects tech talent and companies of all shapes and sizes in Europe. Curious what they can offer you?

You're minutes away from checking out opportunities in tech.

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Find a tech job
you love!

Techloop connects tech talent and companies of all shapes and sizes in Europe. Curious what they can offer you?

You're minutes away from checking out opportunities in tech.

Are you a company? This way please!

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Popular positions on Techloop

Software Developers

Frontend, Backend, Mobile, DevOps, and Game Developers

Product Talent

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, UX and UI designers, QA Engineers and System Engineers

Lead and Manager Roles

CTOs, Project Managers, Program Managers and other senior Engineering positions

Data and BI Experts

Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Data Engineers, just to name a few

How it works

Create a free and anonymous profile

Fill out as much as you can and get the most relevant offers.


Get approved by a Talent Hero

You should receive a quick call from us to ensure all the info is correct and complete. Talent Heroes are here to help you to make your profile complete and attractive.


Browse and receive cool job offers

Companies message you based on your anonymous profile. You can accept and show your identity or refuse and move on to next offer. Check out the companies on their profiles and learn more about them.


We're here to help

Your Talent Hero will be on hand to
  • Help you build an awesome profile
  • Give insights into the hiring process
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Find the right fit for you

Frequently Asked Questions

The CV is not visible for companies. Our Talent Hero team will use the CV to help us validate your information and we also use the details to help improve your profile and make it look perfect.
Your current employer is hidden in your profile so no-one can see who you currently work for. If your current employer uses Techloop to hire people, we will do our best to make sure your profile is automatically blocked for them.
We are constantly increasing our company base and we do have companies that offer remote/offsite work. We do not currently have companies offering full time remote work but this can be discussed with each individual offer you receive.

Companies use the Techloop platform independently and can search for any type of tech talent they may require. To increase your chances of receiving an offer we strongly recommend that you keep your details up-to-date and add any new skills/experiences you have learned.

Having detailed job descriptions, a compelling bio and listing a realistic salary expectation will also increase your chances of receiving offers. You can also contact our Talent Hero team directly via the live chat feature on our website who will be happy to help with your profile.

With any kind of questions about Techloop, please contact us via the dedicated contact form on our contact us page.

They found jobs through us

“I was very happy with the services of Techloop, I managed to find a new job with them in no time. During the procedure, a Talent Hero was in touch with me and helped me whenever I had a question. I would very gladly recommend Techloop if you need a new job in the IT field.”


Senior JavaScript Developer

“I like that with Techloop, you are approached by the company directly, vs. the umpteenth recruiter. It gives you more confidence and trust that they are interested.”


Software Developer

“Well, my workplace that I found through Techloop is quite nice, everything is going by plan and I feel good working for this company overall. I received numerous job opportunities throughout Techloop’s platform, and I’m very grateful for the website since this is how I received my first ever job.”


Junior JavaScript Developer

We believe finding a job is easy. And so should you!

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About our approval criteria

We have strict approval criteria to ensure the right match between the company and the candidate.

Some of the things we look for:

  • Skills and specializations relevant for work in Tech
  • Detailed work experience
  • Your current location and willingness to relocate
  • Contract preferences
  • Employment status

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