Companies compete for you.

Stay anonymous. Receive job offers. Get hired.

Create an anonymous profile with your programming skills and experience. Wait for hiring companies to contact you with job offers, including salary information. If you get hired, we pay you 20 000 CZK.

Who is Techloop for?

Techloop is for software developers and other IT professionals. is currently available in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland with more countries coming soon.

What’s the problem?

With such high demand, it is common for developers to receive a large amount of calls, emails and LinkedIn messages from recruiters.

For developers looking for a new project, it is hard to know what opportunities are available without drawing attention to themselves.

Using job boards can be a frustrating experience, as job adverts are often vague, without salary details or any real information about the technologies used or the company culture.

How it works

Create your anonymous profile, listing your skills, languages, experience and education. Import your LinkedIn profile to save time.

Your anonymous profile will now be visible to companies and you will starting receiving job offers with upfront salary information.

Evaluate job offers based on company culture, job/project information, salary and technologies. Then organise interviews with the companies you like.

Meet the real people behind the company and if it’s a good match, start work in your great new job. Techloop will then give you a 20 000 CZK bonus.

The benefits of using Techloop

With Techloop, the days of being bombarded by recruiter calls and email are gone. Instead of applying for jobs, companies pitch for you.

Your profile is completely anonymous. Your personal details are hidden from everyone, including recruiters and your current employer.

Salary information is provided up front. Find out what you will be paid before agreeing to an interview.

You can browse company profiles to get an insight into their working culture and office atmosphere. If you like the company, you can let them know by clicking ‘Tell me more’. Receive a bonus for getting hired. We pay you 20 000 CZK if you get a job through Techloop.

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