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Techloop has joined forces with LMC and Alma Media

It’s a match! Today we are excited to announce the great news that Techloop has been acquired and will be joining forces with LMC (providers of,,, Teamio, Seduo and more). LMC is the part of Alma Media Group (Finland) operating in the digital recruitment field throughout 11 countries in Europe with large expansion potential for Techloop.

The vision of Techloop has a unique focus from the very beginning. That vision is to innovate the IT hiring market space by giving our users a fully transparent way to find opportunities while protecting their privacy and providing control throughout the hiring process. We are pleased to see that niche hiring platforms such as Techloop are an increasingly growing target for the future of hiring, proving we are on the right track of innovation.

Rest assured that for our users nothing significant will change. Techloop will continue to operate as its own standalone marketplace for IT Talents where we will stay true to our values of building a transparent marketplace, protecting your privacy, and providing our users control of the hiring process, specifically tailored to suit the needs of IT. Additionally, for our customers, all the following will remain unaffected and stay the same as before including Terms & Conditions, billing entity, pricing, product access, and our Techloop team.

“During the last 5 years, we’ve been on an incredible journey to bring innovation into the IT hiring marketspace. We are very excited to join forces with such an experienced partner in the area of digital online recruitment that shares the same vision for the future like us. We look forward to the mutual synergies that will further enhance our platform, mainly in the area of product, integrations, and customer experience,” says Andrew Elliott, Co-founder and CEO of Techloop

We strongly believe the future will provide a positive and exciting path for us to focus on synergies. This will mainly include space for us to further improve our product, customer experience, and integration of multiple recruitment services, allowing Techloop to bring on board even more companies with job opportunities to choose from and attracting IT talents to find their future position or project on Techloop. Having the ability to work with an experienced partner such as LMC and Alma Media will allow us to accelerate the vision of Techloop further, as well as later expand into new regions.

“At LMC, we continuously strive long term to offer individuals the fastest path to personal advancement in finding work they will enjoy. I firmly believe that the acquisition of Quantiq and its Techloop services will move us forward again in this mission. Techloop focuses on candidates from the IT segment, which is a very dynamic and fast-growing market. The connection of our services and Techloop will thus bring interesting synergies not only for us but especially for our customers and users, “says Milan Jasný, CEO of LMC.

“Disruptive job board models and niche portals, particularly in the IT sector, are highly interesting and growing target areas in Alma Career’s strategy. As digitalisation progresses, the demand for IT professionals will increase, and we believe that niche recruitment verticals like Techloop will play an increasingly important role in job searches,” says Vesa-Pekka Kirsi, Senior Vice President, Alma Markets.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, namely Rockaway Ventures, Springtide Ventures, and Tarpan Partners for their support and belief in our visions from the early start of Techloop.

Most importantly, none of this would be possible without our passionate Techloop team and especially all our users. We couldn’t have done it without you. We look forward to taking our product and services to the next level moving forward. Thank you for all the support! 

See you in the loop!

Andrew – Co-founder & CEO of  Techloop

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