Techloop Sourcer

A service for companies using Techloop

Have an experienced IT sourcer get you a shortlist of candidates ready for an interview.


The price is fixed and final. No placement fee, no extra charge.

Additionally we have a guarantee period in place to make sure you are comfortable with the hire.

To utilize a Techloop Sourcer, you need to be subscribed to Techloop. This is a commitment on both sides that ensures we are fully dedicated to your project, and can make sure you are getting the service deserved

Techloop Sourcer provides messaging to all matched Candidates with your Job Postings criteria, increase candidate engagement, save your time and increase the chance for successful hire.

Techloop Sourcer encourages our customers to be in the loop at all times, you will have access to Techloop throughout the cooperation, giving you a chance to check the database directly or review profiles together with the Techloop Sourcer.

Why Techloop Sourcer?

Use our experience and get pre-screened candidates for your position.

Techloop Sourcer identifies suitable talents for your advertised role, contacts them and hands over those who are both suitable and interested in an interview.

Sourcing talent in tech has never been easier


Get Techloop subscription

Creating company account on Techloop is easy. It takes you just one minute and comes with a free 24h trial.


Request a Techloop Sourcer

After choosing a suitable subscription plan, simply get in touch by requesting a Techloop Sourcer directly in our platform or become a member of Hire Now


Revise hiring criteria with us

Our Techloop Sourcer will get in touch to set up a call, fully understand your hiring criteria, and plan next steps on how the cooperation will work best.


Receive candidates with contact details

Simply wait for the Techloop Sourcer to manage all candidate engagement (initial messaging), all candidates with the interest on your Job Postings will be ready in the platform for your next steps

Choose the service that suits your needs


  • Handover of 3 candidate profiles per 1 open position in 4 weeks
  • We only handover candidates interested in your position and an interview
  • Job interview confirmation with candidate
  • Sourcer Shortlist search based on 2 sources:
  • - Techloop database of candidates
    - Promoted marketing activities of all positions


4.900 *money refund
  • Non-limited number of candidates for your hiring needs
  • Sourcer pre-screen phone call with candidates (optional agreement)
  • Sourcer support throughout the process - from initial message to successful hire
  • To maximize consistent results, Sourcer Success search is based on 4 sources:
  • - Techloop database of candidates
    - database of candidates
    - Promoted marketing activities of all positions
    - LinkedIn