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Less than a month ago, we were able to provide a sneak peek on our new plans, a plan to create Techloop as an open marketplace. Today, we are proud to announce that we have released our own job portal –! Let’s have a closer look at why we decided to do so and what are the benefits for our users.

The vision of Techloop has always been to create a marketplace that puts IT professionals first in mind. This includes matching opportunities relevant to tech-stack expertise, providing the ability to keep profiles anonymous, manage your personal data, and setting status to whether you are actively looking or just open to offers.



With our steady growth, Techloop now generates a solid base of 100+ clients with more than 470 Open Positions, even in times such as today where the economy is being impacted by current events. To take one step further for helping the IT community, we wanted to fast track the ability to view the Open Positions and show those that are not registered on Techloop today, how big our community has grown.


What are the main advantages of

First, we want to focus the displayed information of each position around IT, meaning Open Positions will be mainly presented by tech skills and specialisations, allowing you to quickly filter by your tech stack. Additionally we are presenting contract type and salary ranges for quicker transparency on which Techloop is built.



Secondly, we wanted to speed up the process of your application. We implemented a “quick apply”, allowing you to send your application to companies directly within less than a minute, without the need of registering first. Already registered IT professionals will benefit from pre-filled information from their Techloop profiles which means a simple one click solution to react on the interesting offer. 



So why is it still important to be registered at Techloop?

Not only will your profile and information will be prefilled automatically from your Techloop account, keeping all relevant information updated. More importantly, you can keep track and review Open Positions you applied to in History. Last and not least, we will be able to keep you updated via email with our matchmaking algorithm for any new Open Positions that match your tech skills or specialisations.

For our clients we want to make sure that Techloop provides the full ecosystem to support their needs. Until now, Techloop has been focusing on proactive sourcing, meaning you needed to contact IT specialists with your specific offer. Today, with the launch of Techloop Jobs, we are providing our clients a unique opportunity to subscribe and advertise their roles. All current Subscription plans have advertisements of all Open Positions on our Job Portal included in the plan with no extra fee. We also introduced new Job Posting subscription plans for Companies who prefer sourcing only via Job Portal. We’ve kept this competitive by offering our pricing from 79€ for 2 job postings.


Let us summarize benefits of our new Job Portal:

For All IT Talents

  • No registration needed
  • No more waiting for your profile getting approved
  • Easy filtering by tech stack, location and more
  • Remote Open Positions
  • Get transparent information upfront (tech stack, salary, company information)
  • Review Company culture in Company profiles
  • Enjoy quick apply for IT related positions within a minute
  • Optional one-click sign-up to Techloop platform


For Registered IT Talents

  • Integration with Techloop profile (pre-filled application)
  • My Job Application history
  • New Open Positions reminder (only matching positions)

For Companies

  • New channel for presentation your Open Positions & Company profile
  • Publicly available Job Postings
  • IT related Job Portal
  • Additional channel of Job Applications
  • Included in all Subscription Plans (no additional fee)
  • New Job Postings plans (Job Postings only)


We are continuously focusing on our mission to make Techloop the best IT hiring marketplace. Reach out and let us know your feedback and comments!

See you in the loop!

Techloop Team

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We hate spam too, unsubscribe at any time.