Techloop Brings You a Revolution in Tech Hiring

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The New Platform Debuts at the Beginning of April

With more than 756 thousand estimated job vacancies in tech by 2020, the search for talent is as heated as ever in Europe. Our mission at Techloop has always been making sourcing of exceptional tech talent accessible to companies of all shapes and sizes.

And, to move forward with our goal, we have some exciting news to share on Techloop’s (not so distant) future.

We are thrilled to announce that Techloop becomes a subscription based sourcing and employer branding platform. With Techloop, you now have the ultimate tool for talent sourcing in tech and a new branding platform targeted at the tech crowd for a single fair price. Companies will be able to register for free and explore 1,000s of tech candidates based on their search criteria. Upon selecting one of our subscription plans, features such as publishing Open Positions and Messaging candidates become directly available. The catch is, that this time, there is no additional fee when you hire. Sounds exciting? Read on to find out more!

The Major Highlights of Our New Platform:

1. Database Access for a Fixed Fee

Techloop’s subscription model launches at the beginning of April. This means companies will have access to the platform with all its features and a pool of 15,000+ exceptional tech talent for a fair fixed fee.

2. Stay Truly Independent with Open Positions Feature

To stay organized and manage the hiring with the help of our platform, companies now save their searches into Open Positions. They can always come back to refine the Open Positions and explore the newly suggested tech talent profiles. In addition, these Open Positions will be visible by talents, who can show interest in them. These informal “Interested” bumps will be highlighted to companies, and they can start a conversation straight away with candidates most suitable for the specific role.

3. Branding with Enhanced Company Profile

Techloop will not just be an efficient sourcing tool of tech talent, but also an excellent employer branding platform. Companies can create and showcase a detailed Company Profile. Techloop’s tech talent can now explore interesting facts about the company, its culture or benefits and much more.

What Companies Get with Our Subscription Model:

  • Instant access to 15,000+ skilled tech talent profiles (and growing)
  • An advanced and detailed way to search talent profiles and set filters
  • A way to create and save Open Positions based on a combination of search criteria to track new profiles fitting the role
  • A detailed Company Profile page to build their employer brand in front of the tech crowd
  • A reliable and lightning-fast messaging system

All this for a fair €129 monthly subscription fee*.

Why and When You Should Choose the Enterprise Service

In case a company needs extra support with its hiring process, our dedicated teams of recruiting professionals are ready to help! Our team of Account Managers provides companies with hiring services tailored to their specific needs while dedicated Talent Managers ensure a smooth and efficient process for tech talents.

Available Support in the Enterprise Service:

  • Shortlisting of relevant profiles
  • Tech recruitment consultancy
  • Regular feedback and reporting
  • Additional information about candidates

Timeline & What to Expect

The brand new Techloop will be launching at the beginning of April. We still have a few things to polish up but will be releasing more news shortly. Already excited about the upcoming changes?

We sincerely believe that this platform will be a blast and it will make the hiring process easier for companies from startups to enterprises. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via email or chat.

We are happy to assist you.

The Techloop Team

* subscription paid annually, excluding VAT

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We hate spam too, unsubscribe at any time.

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Join thousands of others who get our free weekly newsletter covering tech hiring, development and beyond!

We hate spam too, unsubscribe at any time.

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