Interview with: Etnetera

Who we are

Etnetera is a leader in building web portals and application development. Our goal is to be the market leader in the Czech market in this segment. We focus on long-term partnerships and finding unique solutions with an added value that provides real benefits and results. Our self-confidence is based on a strong and stable background and the experience from thousands of demanding projects for clients who are the top of their industries.

What we do

Virtual reality – test your product in virtual reality before introducing it to the market

Security – place your trust in our ethical hackers

Web solutions – complex delivery of digital services to you

Mobile applications – when responsive and mobile websites don’t meet your expectations, you need a mobile application

Clients portals – a great portal is a 21st-century branch where all your clients like to return

E-shops – in our conception, an e-shop is a tailored web application with all expected components fully integrated within internal ERP systems, catalog exports for price comparison websites, connections to pay centers or client programs, while remaining open to frequent changes or innovative ideas

Internal applications – we take the baton at the starting line and ensure smooth communication between all parties. We aren’t impeded by process management manuals. And that’s why we’ll resolve a problem that has been plaguing you for years in just a few months

Tell us more about your Product team – could you introduce your team structure and methodologies you are using?

We are creating applications for our clients Škoda, ČSOB, Fortuna, BrokerTrust etc. from 1997. Now Etnetera has about 170 employees. We are divided into three divisions – mobile, deployment and production (web developers). Applications are developing in scrum teams with all of the agile ceremonies (for example Škoda app with scrum LeSS, which has more than 10 teams) and also there are some waterfalls.

What tech stack do you use?

Mobile developers are using Swift for iOS platform and Kotlin for Android (all are native development). Web developers usually use Java and Spring for backend. FE is creating by Javascript. But there are more options – we are open to develop in any language, if it makes sense. Deployment created our security, operations (admins) and project team.

Do you have examples of technologies the team has learned in the past year?
Mobile division learn every week at their team meetups. They speak about news from the mobile world. Monthly we organize TechLunches, where one of us present some new technology from development. Last TechLunch was about Cloud services.
How do you measure work performance/ success within the team?
All work performance is dependent on our clients satisfaction. 🙂
What is the most challenging goal/mission for you and your team in next months?
Next releases of our biggest project Škoda 😉
Anything else you’d like us to know about Etnetera? 
We have a specific kind of humor, monthly group events and dog-friendly office.
Written by Michaela Šibíková, HR Specialist at Etnetera 

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