How Cloud Changed The IT Job Scene Over The Recent Years

Thanks to a more than turbulent past few years in the UK economy, it’s safe to say that investment has been held back in many industries. Perhaps none more so than the technology industry, which has experienced slow growth in recent years. Because of this, innovation and transformation is very much a hot topic for all companies in the tech industry, finding new ways to create value. This is likely to be through newer technology such as cloud computing which is now regarded as a specialist skill.

With this in mind, here’s a look into how cloud computing changed the IT job scene in recent years:

A Change in the Way We Think

Cloud computing technologies, data systems and networks that store data virtually are one of the most discussed topics within the industry at the moment. This way of working is more efficient for collaboration as sharing information is made easier. This means that the notion of cloud is more than just a technology trend – it’s a genuine change for the industry.
Therefore, within the job industry, anyone looking to work with cloud computing technologies needs to adapt their way of thinking to a more abstract way. Employers are looking for much more than just a great knowledge, such as good project management skills and imagination.

Strong Skills

To be able to gain a job as a cloud architect you need a strong skillset including automation, visualization skills and orchestration experience. Increasingly, in a competing job market, employers are looking for applicants who have skills above and beyond the fundamental skills required for the job. If you’ve previously worked freelance, then a digital marketing agency Manchester might be able to help you grow your portfolio enough to present it in job interviews.

Recognized professional qualifications are always a good addition to your growing resumé, especially if they’re specialist qualifications relevant to the job. With cloud computing, an employee who is able to combine their strategic understanding of the business goals alongside commercial insight sets themselves in good stead for future employment.

Advising on a Strategic Level

There is more demand for a professional with cloud computing experience than ever before. A recent study suggests that 71% of CIOs who adopted cloud computing see their position as a viable path to peruse other management roles, compared to only 44% of non-cloud adopting CIO’s. What’s more, the market for hiring business-facing IT specialists is undergoing a rapid transformation as one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. It’s not surprising given that a person with these strategic level skills helps add value to a business.

The Future of the IT Job Market

Despite the slowed down investment within the technology sector, where there is an investment it’s largely going to one place – cloud computing and virtualization. It’s predicted that within the next three to four years, there is going to be a dramatic increase in the uptake of cloud computing. This, in turn, will transform how IT departments are shaped. IT professionals need to recognize their worth and acknowledge just how much value they can add to a business.

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Paul Matthews is a Manchester based business and tech writer who writes in order to better inform business owners on how to run a successful business. You can usually find him at the local library or browsing Forbes’ latest pieces.


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