2020 Rising stars – Discover innovative startups in Europe

Europe’s startup scene is sometimes overshadowed by Silicon Valley, but the continent is gaining ground with around 100 tech firms valued at over €1bn. The European Tech Startup market is also booming. In the following list, you can find 16 interesting and innovative tech startups.


Myskillcamp (EdTech) – Belgium

Myskillcamp is a digital learning platform helping SME to easily digitize and dynamize corporate trainings. Create your private learning and training environment, customize it and start inviting your collaborators, clients and partners. With their integrated course builder, import any types of docs and Scorm packages. 



Photoneo (Industrial Robots) – Slovakia

Photoneo is the leading machine vision company providing businesses with the necessary products and end-to-end solutions to render their operations more efficient. Based on a patented 3D technology, Photoneo has developed the world’s highest resolution and highest accuracy range of 3D cameras opening new perspectives on automation.



Behavee (Marketing technology) – Czech Republic

An award winning StartUp, Behavee is an Opensource hyper-personalization SaaS. At its core, it helps small business owners create hassle-free, online campaigns at the push of a button for very affordable prices.  Behavee combines this with easy-to-use web analytics that have precise, unsampled data. So small business owners can interpret their data in meaningful ways much more easily.



DGROOPS (Travel Tech) – Croatia

DGROOPS is the only platform for tour operators & travel agents that enables them to connect with hotels to do group reservations, and it also acts as a facilitator in order to help its customers.  You can sell your rooms to different markets, find new trusted partners (travel agencies, tour operators) you can work with, or promote your last-minute rooms for groups.



PowerUp (Energy Tech) – Estonia

PowerUp is one of the few companies that makes a science-based hardware product – hydrogen fuel cell-based electric generators. UP generators are here to make our life easier and cleaner. Forget pollution, maintenance, and the smell of diesel. They develop and produce high-quality and sustainable energy generation products and custom energy solutions. 



Improbable (Gaming) – United Kingdom

A cloud-based platform for game developers to create AI-powered simulated worlds. Improbable raised capital from Chinese internet group Netease, which is one of the world’s largest developers of online multiplayer games.  Improbable is dedicated to building powerful technology designed to help solve problems and enable the creation of new realities. 



Omio (Travel search) – Germany

Omio is a travel search engine which allows users to compare the price and journey time of air, rail and bus travel options in a single search. So if you want to know how to get from Paris to Tallinn, it will tell you and give you options for booking different types of transport to get there. Omio has been a hit, winning more than 27m monthly users and 800 partners. 



Picnic (Online supermarket) – Netherlands

Online supermarket, that delivers groceries for the lowest price to people’s home, without delivery costs. The startup, which targets middle-income shoppers and is the first to offer free delivery in the Netherlands, has since taken more than 10% of the online shopping market and is hiring aggressively and expanding into new markets.



Fabric (Supply-chain) – Israel

Fabric is a company that builds a supply-chain allowing retailers to offer sustainable delivery service to their online customers. Unlike any other micro-fulfilment solution, Fabric’s software-led robotics give retailers the flexibility to build the fulfilment center that fits their requirements, allowing them to fulfil online orders at maximum speed while ensuring profitability.



Bitdefender (Security) – Romania

Bitdefender is a security technology company that provides threat protection to business and consumer customers. Bitdefender works with government organizations, large enterprises, and private individuals in over 150 countries. With 1,700 employees and a team of 500+ engineers, Bitdefender is one of the most innovative IT security software vendors in the world.



Karma (Sustainable living) – Sweden

Karma is fighting food waste globally and leading the shift towards a more sustainable society by offering a user-friendly platform to both users and retailers, making it rewarding to rescue food in grocery stores and restaurants. Karma is an opportunity to reduce food waste, reach new customers and market through a new channel.



CLEO (Trading technology) – Czechia

CLEO Finance is ambitious startup with exciting roadmap, thousands of users and experienced team. Trade over 80K assets (equities, forex, cryptocurrencies) in one simple platform, connect your crypto exchange and analyze your results, use smart trading function and complex money management systems to take minimize risk and maximize your trading potential.



Domotron ( Smart home solutions) – Czechia

Domotron will take care of control of all home technologies. It will transform your home to a perfect intelligent place thanks to thousands of smart functions and advanced automation. They provide unique smart home solutions (lightning, safety, irrigation) that give customers a powerful tool allowing them to take control of all the home appliances.



AeroMobil ( Engineering) – Slovakia

AeroMobil aims to make transportation efficient and environmentally friendly by helping to overcome traffic jams in large areas and by allowing significantly faster door-to-door travel. Starting with a first commercial product now, the future vision of the company is to offer Mobility as a Service using the best from the combination of the car, the plane, and the computer.



Sensoneo ( Smart waste management) – Slovakia

Smart waste management solutions for cities and businesses. The solution combines unique ultrasonic sensors that monitor waste real-time with sophisticated software providing cities and businesses with data-driven decision making and optimization of waste collection routes. This results in overall waste collection cost reduction of at least 30%. 



Ecocapsule ( Sustainable living) – Slovakia

Ecocapsule is a low-energy house packed into a compact form. It merges an energy efficient shape, compact volume and off-grid capabilities with the luxuries of a warm bed, running water and a hot meal. Despite its small form, each Ecocapsule is fitted with all essentials necessary for a comfortable prolonged stay without a need to recharge or re-supply.

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