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2 Weeks Challenge – September round

2 Weeks Challenge – September round

Do what you want for once!

Will you write a revolutionary app? Will you bring about world peace? Or do you need AFK detox to think it through? It’s just up to you! Accept our challenge by writing up your idea in the comment. What would you like to devote two weeks of your time to? If we choose your proposal, we will pay your 2 weeks salary. 🚀

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Our selection criteria is: Use your IT or developer skills for something you’ve always wanted to do “but didn’t have time for”.

Write your proposal in the comment 👇🏻👇🏻 under this post by September 30, 2022.

In October, we will contact shortlisted candidates and ask for confirmation they are over 18 years old, a tax payer in an EU country and not an employee of Techloop or LMC. You can go ahead and write this confirmation already at the end of your comment.

If we pick you, we’ll pay you your 2 weeks salary. Take time off and devote yourself fully to your thing.

Full version of the Rules of the Competition are available on-line at https://techloop.io/rules-of-the-2-weeks-challenge-sept/

24 Responses

  1. This project is important for me for two reasons – me and my boyfriend are just converting purely ourselves our van to live in there full time and this system will be great for control and regulation of the environment, better security and safety, etc. Second, I would like to start building my data science portfolio and demonstrate data-related skills on a real project. Data science is a bit of a career shift for me (although I would like to stay in my field) but I am really excited for it and I think I can have more of an impact there. For the past many months, I have been doing courses to learn various tools for data science, especially Python and SQL, alongside my PhD, and now after finishing it’s time to put them to use and build a portfolio to help me break into the field.
    Of course, especially with my still limited experience, I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole project in just 2 weeks but I could lay the grounds and try to get at least some sensors and output devices going. In the end, I would envision a system using SQL databases for collecting and organising data which would then be visualised on a display in the car and on a web-based environment for us to regulate. We would measure temperature, humidity, pressure, LTE reception quality, track the van with GPS, confirm door locking, warning against signs of robbers, power and gas usage of different devices and power remaining, CO2, CO and gas sensors, and several others. We would regulate heating, lights, ventilation, locking, alarm, etc. We could also look at different statistics and collect data over time. I hope the system could be then also used by others, either living in a van or some parts, perhaps adapted, in normal homes too (could help with fuel and energy efficiency, safety, etc.).
    I confirm that I fulfil the conditions to qualify (over 18 year old, tax resident of CZ and not an employee of Techloop or LMC). Thank you for considering my entry!

  2. Hi there,

    I am developing a mobile application called “What happened yesterday?”. Currently, I am working on the backend side of the app (I already have “operational” frontend that needs some detailing) and I would use the two weeks to finish the core of the app, tweak the frontend and release it for testing.

    The main idea of the application is to deliver your morning news in an interactive and educational way. You would open the app at the time you normally read the news and a series of news titles will be waiting for you. Your goal is then to select the true titles (or – what do you think happened yesterday) in a mix of true and false news titles. Once you finish the quiz part you can then read the news that interested you in the quiz part or see all news.

    The true/false titles will be written carefully with the focus to target the most common information biases. In this way, users can train their cognitive skills and better filter not-so-obvious mis/disinformation in the real world/interactions.

    To confirm, I am over 18 years old, a taxpayer in an EU country (Czechia), and not an employee of Techloop or LMC.

    1. You are on a short list! 🚀 I will select final winner shortly and let you know whether it is you or not.

      Have a nice day,
      Filip from Techloop

      1. Thank you very much! I will be waiting for the final winner announcement.

        You too have a nice day,

  3. Hello

    I would like to spend this time by working deeper on my studies of how consciousness works and on my “theory of conceptual subspaces” from which can using neural networks and machine learning artificial general intelligence and nature language understanding emerge – could help humanity with future hard problems planing and better peaceful cohabitation of people and machines : )

    With kindest regards Honza

    I do confirm that I am over 18 years old, a tax payer in an EU country and I am not an employee of Techloop or LMC.

  4. Ahojte, já bych 2 týdny času věnoval projektu, který už mám nějakou dobu v hlavě – pracovní název DarujStrom.cz, jen bych musel vymyslet něco jiného, protože doména už je zabraná 🙂 Myšlenka je taková, že má někdo svátek / narozeniny / výročí / whatever, chci mu udělat radost, ale zároveň nechci kupovat zase nějaký další nesmysl. Nebo jsem prostě jen samaritán a chci nechat vysadit stromy. Přijdu na web (něco jako e-shop), vyplním v basic konfigurátoru / formuláři věci jako lokaci (např. z možných bodů na mapě), počet stromů, odrůdu stromu, komu chci věnovat a různé další doplňkové údaje. V dalším kroku je mi řečeno, na kolik to vyjde. Po zaplacení se zpracovává “objednávka”. Někdo vyrazí a strom za mě zasadí. K němu přidělá cedulku s věnovaným textem, co jsem napsal v objednávce (např. “Tento dub byl věnován pro Aničku”). Udělá fotku a zapíše si GPS souřadnice. Následně obojí vloží zpátky do systému. Tím se bude vytvářet postupně se rozrůstající databáze takto vysazených stromů, veřejně dostupná na daném webu. Dotyčný obdarovaný pak může třeba chodit na výlety k danému stromu a pečovat o něj (okej, to už je možná moc utopie, ale why not 🙂 ). Sázení by realizovala 3. strana, pokusil bych se domluvit např. se https://www.sazimestromy.cz. Toť má myšlenka. Pokud by se to podařilo, tak by se už třeba na vánoce mohly nějaké prodat a na jaře zasadit 🙂 Živí mě tvorba webů, napsal bych si teda frontend i backend. Žena grafička by tomu udělala pěkný kabát.
    To confirm, I am over 18 years old, a taxpayer in an EU country, and not an employee of Techloop or LMC.

    Potvrzuji, že nejsem zaměstnancem Techloop nebo LMC, je mi více než 18 let a jsem daňovým poplatníkem v ČR.

  5. Hi there 👋,

    I have been thinking about writing an app to find buddies for any activity such as sport, dating, movies, hiking and so on. Instead of a long process of finding and agreeing on a date and place that most of the time fails this application would have a special instant matchmaking process similar to what you can see in games (just click the start button and the game finds you a team within a few seconds). You would just pick the activity & date and you would get an instant match. This makes it different from all the other apps that are there. I have had several bad experiences with finding sport buddy. It always takes ages to agree upon a date and place or it simply fails because there is no intersection in our free time. I believe this could benefit other people too. 😊

    1. You are on a short list! 🚀 I will select final winner shortly and let you know whether it is you or not.

      Have a nice day,
      Filip from Techloop

  6. Rád bych udělal chatbota, který bude odpovídat manželce na zprávy během pracovního týdne. Za dva týdny z toho žádná AI nebude, ale aspoň otestovat koncept a zájem u jiných chlapů.

  7. For almost 2 years, I’ve wanted to build an app that would help me manage sending emails and SMS messages for me and my clients so we could measure the impact and I would spend less time sending and more time coding. I’ve never had time to create this because of lot of work and university. I am over 18 years old, a tax payer in an EU country and I am not an employee of Techloop or LMC

  8. Hello, I am Alex, and with my ADHD, I have tons of ideas, some of them are silly and will not work in real life, but some of them are not as that silly or crazy and I think that they can succeed in real life. To be more specific, I would use that 14 days to create a money/crypto tracking app. I know what you thinking, there are plenty of similar apps already, but I tried so many and all have disadvantages and very little combine real money tracking with crypto portfolio tracking and that is the reason I know my app will be successful and also, I have a list of dozens of features I want to implement and which are mostly unique. This idea has been stuck in my head for the last 3-4 years and to be honest, I already tried many times to create it, however, I spent like 2-3 days working on that application, and then I did not have time to continue for like 3 months in which I gathered a lot of experience from my two jobs and when I tried to continue, I already saw that the code is somehow a mess and I should do it better with that experience or technology I learned. And now I think is a perfect time to restart the development again and start from scratch, I obtained I lot of experience with JavaScript (more specifically Vue.js 3) and PHP (Laravel backend for API) and I am convinced, this will be the last time I am starting from scratch. 14 days is not a short period, neither a long one, but I believe it’s right enough to create an MVP version of my application.

    And even If did not win this competition, I am looking forward to see what amazing application will be built.

    To confirm, I am over 18 years old, a taxpayer in an EU country, and not an employee of Techloop or LMC.

  9. I want to perform live testing of my ML-based system for illegal logging detection in forests. For the last two years, I have spent many hours in my spare time developing the PionEar system, which uses machine learning to detect chainsaw sounds in forests. This system should help in the fight against illegal loggers and thus protect nature.
    Now is the time when I have a working prototype, but I need to spend some time testing the system in a real forest together with loggers. I want to provide quantifiable results of the system’s detection accuracy for different distances and environmental conditions. This task is difficult to accomplish in my spare time (usually late evening hours). I need to fully devote myself to it during the day. I can’t afford to do this because I have a regular job. I would greatly appreciate if I could have the opportunity to work on this.

    1. You are on a short list! 🚀 I will select final winner shortly and let you know whether it is you or not.

      Have a nice day,
      Filip from Techloop

  10. Hi,
    My name is Anthony and I will like to programme universal event calendar. This calendar would have data scraping systém from another calendars. Here, in Czech republic, we have problem with finding culture around us. Many calendars exists, but there is no place, where would be all.

    The data scraping system have to be universal – calendars API and python scraping bot from html etc.

    I’m from Karlovarský kraj in Czech republic a i would like to start here in region and then continue to other. The program will be open-source.
    I’m over 18 years old, a tax payer in an EU country and not an employee of Techloop or LMC.

  11. Are you really telling me, that you would help the woman in accountancy to fulfill her dream and become a programmer? I would spent those two weeks by learning Java more deeply and try to start the portfolio to change the field of work. Maybe come up with some easy app to help people in accountancy. I can confirm that I am over 18 years old and I am a tax payer in an EU country and not an employee of Techloop or LMC.
    Best luck everyone! Věra

  12. Hi there, my name is Petr and I am working as marketing specialist for local ISP company. I spend last year studying Python by my own and I am also attendee of SDA Python course which held every day after work for 6 months. Im also finishing reconstruction of our apartment for my family (wife and 2 daughters). Last thing that I need to feel confident while finding new job in IT is to finish my own Django project, so I can prove myself that I am able to work with Django framework and also to have some code I can show to recruiters.
    I would use this win to take unpaid vacation at my current job to finish my project.

    I am more than 18 years old, a tax payer in an EU country and not an employee of Techloop or LMC.

  13. I’ve always wanted to create “spell cards” for Dungeons & Dragons. This I would do in Adobe Indesign, but just given how many images I would have to sift through, I didn’t really want to start. For context, these would be reference cards, containing information about a piece of the game’s mechanics. I would make the cards freely accessible.
    Finally, I am living in the EU and am over 18 years of age

  14. I am building an app for collectors. It is both for saving a collection and trading. By being a collector myself, I found out there is a huge potential in having such an application. I will spend 2 weeks on progressing with more features!

  15. I promised my daddy to help him code a chronicles app for choir group where he sings, he wants it as a gift for his friends. He did backend, I should do frontend in React, so it means I have to learn React (I’m junior developer now and can use only CSS and SCSS) and code the app. But my maternity leave is ending, so instead of keeping my promise I have to dedicated all my time finding a job and working on any work that is paid. So theese 2 weeks I would dedicate to learn React to make my promise closer to reality. I could also write something new to my CV then 🙂

  16. I’d like to for once sit down and create a web page / portfolio thing for myself.
    I’ve been putting this off for well over a year now. I have a decent number of projects I’ve worked on, pieces of content all over internet.. A place to tie it all together would be nice. It just seems like there is always someting more important to do.
    EVEN THIS FORM HAS A FIELD FOR A WEBSITE. Well – you could help me with that 😀

    I’m 21, I work, live, study and pay taxes in Czech Republic. Not a Techloop or LMC employee.

  17. Hi, my name is Šárka and I am from the Czech Republic. I want to improve my JavaScript skills to make my website MathEasily.com even better. This is my side job hustle with a great potential to help thousands of students and teachers everyday.
    I confirm that I am over 18 years old, a tax payer in an EU country () and not an employee of Techloop or LMC. Thanks.

  18. Greetings,
    My name is Martin Sajben, as a kid I was always fascinated with the idea of creating video games. For my own entertainment I’ve spent countless hours studying game design, but never got the time (or motivation) to finish anything.
    Recently, when I was running into my job (where I assemble electromagnetic engines) I sprained my ankle. I am stuck at home for a month.
    Specifically, what I have in mind is a tower defense game. I have spent some time digging in the Unity Engine and made sure that I am capable to resolve the main hurdles, such as AI, hex tiles, targeting, etc. I consider myself to be knowledgeable in c#. All that is left is to put the time into it. Which I will, whether you pay me or not.
    Finally, I am 26, paying taxes in the Czech republic, and not an employee of Techloop nor LMC.

    About the game: As mentioned, it runes on a hexagonal grid. One of the most important concepts is the fact, than any defensive tower that you build can be interacted with – has two modes you can switch between. In addition there will be shared lives system between levels and different perks unlock the more people you keep alive in the game, as some are scientists, other magicians, keeping everyone alive is the key to progress. Another key factor is the formation of buildings, as each tower will provide benefits to other buildings placed in a particular way. The benefits will include the ability to build structures above water or for example the ability to shoot over obstacles. Not to bore with features, my main priority is elegance of design, meaning the creation of a complex product which is simple to understand and intuitive to use.
    Whether that is finishable in 2 weeks, I don’t know. I am planning to work on it until there is a complete and polished game to play.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you,
    Martin Sajben

  19. I want to dedicate 2 weeks to learn Python.
    Last time I compiled a program was almost 20 years ago. I would like to see if I can learn to code.

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