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By now, many of our customers are aware of the benefits when using Techloop for actively sourcing IT specialists from a curated database of over 15,000 profiles. Did you know that we also have an internal team of Techloop Sourcers that provide full service when hiring talent?


A great example of how Techloop Sourcer service works can be seen in a recent user case with LaFluence, lead by CEO & co-founder Peter Varga. We received a request from LaFluence that they are looking to hire technical talent, unfortunately, there was no capacity internally within the company to manage sourcing themselves or expertise in IT hiring.


Within 24 hours, we were able to allocate a Techloop Sourcer to the project, have a discussion with Peter from LaFluence and receive a full scope of the hiring requirements. After, our Techloop Sourcer actively engages the relevant talents within Techloop on behalf of LaFluence and prepares a list of interested individuals in the position. By the end of the week, LaFluence was presented a shortlist of profiles that were ready to be interviewed. The result was that LaFluence was able to hire a CTO within 4 weeks of engaging a Techloop Sourcer 🎉


So what makes a Techloop Sourcer different from a traditional recruitment agency?

We are transparent in our fees – No matter the type of role, our standard fixed fee is 2,599€ per hire, making this a competitive pricing model while benefiting from our expertise in IT hiring. Additionally, we have a guarantee period in place to make sure you are comfortable with the hire.

We are dedicated to your project with a subscription model – In order to utilize a Techloop Sourcer, you need to be subscribed to Techloop. This is a commitment on both sides that ensures we are fully dedicated to your project and can make sure you are getting the service deserved. As opposed to traditional agencies, we are not going to present top profiles to those customers only paying the highest fees.

Our database of talent is always accessible – We encourage our customers to be in the loop at all times, you will have access to Techloop throughout the cooperation, giving you a chance to check the database directly or review profiles together with the Techloop Sourcer.


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At Techloop, we believe that hiring should be effective both in time and costs. If you need to support your internal HR team with an experienced IT sourcer, or do not have any expertise in IT hiring at all, we encourage you to reach out and speak with our Techloop Sourcing team today for the best experience.

Need a couple of great references of who is using a Techloop Sourcer? Etnetera, O2 Czech Republic, SocialBakers, and more. Drop us a line at to get in touch with our Techloop Sourcing team.


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