Love at first message?

The fact is attracting new IT talent to your company is harder than ever in recent years. Not only is there an increasing demand for IT professionals, the recent impact of Covid globally has changed the mindset of many companies, now allowing them to hire full or partially remote. That means the competition for best talent increases even further. The other fact is that the best way to find top talent is by proactive recruitment, reaching out with your offer instead of waiting for someone to apply to your company.

Some companies are much more successful than others when it comes to reaching out directly when contacting IT specialists. Let’s look today at what are the important factors that can make a difference when it comes to writing a message directly.

When sending a direct message, no matter what platform you are using to source someone, should have a similar characteristics regarding information:

  • Details of tech stack used (not just one technology, but the full stack, details do matter)

  • Type of employment and financial conditions

  • Purpose of project (not just company, but the project itself)

  • Team behind the project (structure, communication style, or methodologies used)

  • Where will you and the project be in 6-12 months from starting

By providing transparent information upfront, both parties can better understand and identify the match. Common mistakes made when approaching someone directly is by sending a very generic message, that contains little value, and typically ends up with any response.

Some of the common mistakes seen in generic messages include:

  • Very little technical information. It’s not just about looking for a ‘Java’ or ‘JavaScript’ developer, it’s about the full technology stack

  • Generic information about the company but nothing specific about the specific project. How many times has a message started with “We are a global technology company….”

  • No specifics on compensation or type of employment

  • Who will the person be working with or reporting to

It sounds quite straightforward right? Yet 67% of messages lack basic information that can make a difference. After conducting several surveys on Techloop, we’ve seen that project and purpose are equally important to financial compensation if not more important.

On a last note, not only first impressions are important, but having a smooth process when it comes to hiring, another interesting insight from our surveys show that 82% of those that are approached with a new offer take into consideration the entire hiring process before committing to a new company.

Interested to know more about other insights related to IT sourcing? Follow us at Techloop on social media or reach out directly and we will be happy to share more useful information.

See you in the loop!

Techloop team

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