Hiring remotely – What tools to use

With the events recently unfolding across the world, it is now that companies have to be more dynamic than ever before in adapting to working from home (WFM) or remotely. The number one priority for most HR departments is to continue operations while establishing a remote work environment. So how can this be done regarding hiring? What are the tools used?

Remote work has a strong foundation for some time already in IT hiring, based on data from over 15,000 profiles in Techloop, almost 88% are open to working remotely, while 73% want either partial, or full home office based on our research.

So how do companies with experience in remote work manage operations? Here are some tools that can help you transition quickly.


How to conduct interviews online

The main communication tools will include phone and video conferencing interviews. To make this the most effective, here are a couple tools we see our clients using today:

Setting up a meeting:

  • Calendly – easy way to share your availability with others and book meetings without emailing
  • Youcanbook.me – another alternative to Calendly with easy to use functionality
  • Doodle – a well developed tool for both personal and enterprise features, allowing to set up group meetings and more


Best video conferencing tools:

  • Zoom – professional tool for setting up video conferencing and virtual workrooms
  • Hangouts by Google – mainly adopted by smaller companies and startups, perfect solution if you already use G Suite as your main working environment
  • Freeconference – another free solution that is quick and easy for setting up online chats
  • Skype – Provides both personal and business accounts and is widely adopted across the globe.


Being efficient in your communication

Working remotely with your team means being quick to respond and collaborate. Email communication does not replicate this, that’s why we suggest some other tools.

  • Slack – freemium or pro versions, allows you to collaborate with teams quickly. Recently startups also provide access to public chat rooms to show their communication style, processes, and culture. This is beneficial when hiring remotely.
  • Microsoft teams – well integrated into Microsoft Office, an efficient way to communicate between teams and share documents for remote collaboration
  • Asana – Project management and collaboration tool, allowing to track latest progress on projects within a remote team
  • Trello – Simple project management tracking tool with a great freemium package and very easy to set up within a team quickly.
  • Slido – Tool to engage with your team or audience remotely, helps in creating live polls, quizzes, or other methods to engage a team
  • Ahoyteam – great tool for helping with onboarding remote members, increasing remote team cohesion, streamlines HR activities. Ahoyteam is currently in beta version with a full launch planned during the next month. To get more information, you can reach out to Tomas Jasovsky tomas@ahoyteam.com


What resources are important when conducting a remote interview?

Many HR professionals are learning quickly not only new technologies to use, but also how to adapt to remote interviews or onboarding. For this we recommend some great content from Workable:


At Techloop, we believe that IT hiring and companies have been the pioneers for creating remote based companies. Despite the challenges the world is facing today, this is a great opportunity to show how we can adapt to new efficient ways of collaborating with the best technologies available.


Do you have more tips or success stories on how your company was able to transition quickly to a remote workspace? Share them with us!

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