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In the recent week, there has been an endless amount of news coverage regarding the latest events occurring related to Covid-19 and how it is impacting each country around the world, both healthwise and economically.

I want to take this opportunity to focus on the positive events that deserve more attention on the local Czech IT professional market. It’s amazing to see how so many professionals come together in such short notice to create useful applications, and other media channels to support the government as well as social communities in fighting Covid-19.

At Techloop, we want to do our part by thanking all of those investing their time into these projects, and help support them by sharing their successes with our IT professional community to see who else can join the cause.

If you have free capacity and want to join in, I recommend joining the following:

COVID19.cz – Tech & Data Hackathon(Pavel Doležal, Petr Šimeček, Honza Bárta and more): Online community of 1000+ IT professionals, that recently supported the Ministry of Health by setting up a new call center 1212 and are working many other projects

Česko.Digital – helped create the web, project Škola On-line, and a long list of other initiatives in the pipeline which you can see here

Loono (Katka Vacková) provided great practical PDF presentations that can be shared within organizations to educate how to be better prepared against Covid-19, please feel free to use and share. Czech version or the English version

We understand at Techloop that hiring needs for many companies have shifted in the recent week to cope with the current situation. At the same time, we are proud to have customers who have joined the initiatives above, such as uLékař,,, and are already a part of Techloop.

On top of it we would like to support our community and fight against Covid-19 even more. Every company involved in the initiatives above will get a 2 months subscription completely for free.


How can you use your free 2 months?

  1. If you have peak season and your product team in understaffed you can find new colleagues in Techloop
  2. We have a fantastic community of developers willing to support your idea, you can ask them to help temporarily with your Covid-19 projects pro-bono


How can you apply for 2 months subscription if you are part of Covid-19 projects?

  1. Register on (if not done yet)
  2. Get in touch with us by sending e-mail to – we will extend your subscription by 2 months (for subscribers) or assign your 2 months subscription (for new companies)


We are also working intensively to soon create a public job board for all our customers where you will be able to post job listings pro-bono in order to find more support staff in your projects.

Thanks to everyone for their support and joining a great cause!

We are #InThisTogether

Andrew Elliott / Co-founder CEO & and the entire Techloop team!

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