Coding bootcamps – future place to find hidden talent!

The struggle is real. With the incredible pace that technology is evolving, most of the companies in the world are moving toward digitisation of their services or products. The result of this is that demand for IT specialists is growing exponentially. Traditional schools and universities are not able to produce enough graduates per year to meet the demands of the markets globally.

One great solution that has been trending since 2012 are coding bootcamps. Coding bootcamps are intensive, accelerated learning programs that teach beginners digital skills like Full-Stack Web Development. They allow students or individuals to focus on career requalification, providing them the ability to step into the IT world. For those of you who are not familiar with bootcamps, here are some interesting facts:

  • As of 2021, there are more than 500 bootcamps globally
  • Typical length of a bootcamp can be between 6 to 28 weeks (average is 14 weeks)
  • Most common programming languages currently taught include Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, and JavaScript
  • It’s estimated that over 25,000 students have graduated in 2020*

*source CourseReport

So why are we writing about this?? Because we at Techloop are excited to partner with such bootcamps. Students that complete the courses are highly motivated to get their first opportunity in IT, typically such students go the extra mile to prove themselves, and are on average more flexible to shape their future career based on career opportunities received.

We are excited to partner with Data4You Coding bootcamp in Prague. In recent years we have been cooperating to help students find their first career opportunities in programming after completing the Data4You bootcamp. A unique benchmark is that over 90% of students that finish the programme are hired, proving that the quality of the talent is very strong.

If you as a company have not yet considered hiring a graduate student from a coding bootcamp, we would love to invite you to come to a demo day that is managed by Data4You. Demo days are designed to allow students to present their skills and projects worked on during the programme. It’s also an opportunity to meet in person and potentially hire new junior talent as many of the students will start looking for their first new career opportunity.

The next demo day held by Data4You will take place November 26th at HubHub Na Příkopě 14 from 15:30. If you’d be interested in attending, you can sign up directly to the event, or let us know at and we will be glad to provide you with a personal invitation.

Let’s support the next generation of IT talent together!

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