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5 tools and platforms that will make your work-life better and easier

Are you continuously on the lookout for something that makes your work-life more efficient? Need to improve your communication, manage workloads, track numbers or share documents? There are many tools out there to help you to be more productive, use your time wisely, and track all your projects. Productivity and efficiency is a fruit of conscious effort, but we took the time to suggest a couple tools we find can help you in this. 

We are bringing you a list of some cool tools to look at:



Intelligent Time Tracking App for In Office, Mobile and Remote Teams.

To track time, schedule, and monitor productivity single-handedly is an impossible task. To make these activities simpler and comfortable you can use the productivity tool, Apploye. Apploye is a tool that makes it easy to monitor, schedule, and time track your employees.

All in one app that helps you monitor your employees and understand how they spend their time during office hours. The tool also allows you to monitor their progress through random screenshots and URL tracking.

You can easily manage shifts, track who is absent, and reassign vacant shifts. Employee scheduling allows you to live stress-free with all work diligently managed. Apploye can also help you track the activities of your field agents with an inbuilt GPS location tracker.

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Post and share video updates, just like an Instagram story, with your team from anywhere, anytime. is a communication platform that lets distributed & remote teams connect, get updates, and communicate using asynchronous video and voice messaging.

Communicating with short video and voice clips (like an Instagram Story) cuts down on the pain of synchronous scheduling across different locations (or time zones), and it allows you to quickly send updates using video (vs. long text messages). also makes remote work less lonely by helping people get face time wherever they are. Teams like Nielsen and Ritual use us it for meetings, company updates, hiring, life updates and more!

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The first payroll platform for remote teams that connects localized compliance and payments in one system of record and automates everything.

Deel simplifies compliance and payments for clients and their remote teams. It provides a reliable, seamless payment experience. With Deel you can set up legally binding contracts that cover local labor laws in over 100 countries, withdraw money in the payment method of your choice, and enjoy 24/7 customer support.

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Connected workspace for teams.

A work management platform that replaces many tools inside your company and embraces changes. Fibery is similar to low-code platform. But it targets very specific problems of work management and doesn’t try to be a general solution for all problems.

Create a workspace that brings teams together: R&D, product, marketing, sales. Escape costly scattered tools and unreliable integrations by having goals, projects, customers, and docs connected in Fibery.

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In short, bob helps you put your people first. bob is the perfect solution for companies above 100 employees.

Say hi to bob, the HR tech tool that connects teams near and far, from new hires to C-level. The bob platform offers a full suite of HR features and integrations that make going fully-remote a smooth transition, from attendance tracking to engaging employees.

Keeping company culture alive in hard times, both remote and on-site, is made simple with a unified tech stack that allows employees to stay in touch with each other, people managers to monitor employee progress and performance, and HR to manage their workflows and processes. One tool, one culture, for all of your teams.

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Now that we’ve pushed these tasks to DONE and got our business boosted, we’ll be working remotely and relaxing somewhere nice where we can enjoy our free time. 🙂

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