6 popular and trending career options

Demographics, cultural trends, and new technologies are rapidly changing the job market. New technologies and automation are replacing repetitive jobs. The move from desktops and laptop to smartphones and tablets has created a high demand for developers and designers.

But what careers besides of IT are also in demand for the future? This article explores 6 professions, that possibly offer a good career for the future.

Soft Skills Trainer

Soft skills trainers are in huge demand because of the increasing need for soft skills in every industry. They train professionals on how to develop human skills such as interpersonal skills, leadership skills, communication skills, presentation skills, etc. Certified soft skills trainers can work as full-time trainers in education centres and corporates, and can also set up their own soft skills training business.

Image Consultant

The thousands of crores huge image consulting industry is taking the world by storm. Hospitality, IT, banking and finance, fashion, or politics, there’s almost no industry today where image consultants are not required.

The job of an image consultant is to style and groom professionals in order to help them put their best selves out there. In short, image consultants help people project a powerful and impressive image. In the image consulting space, your ability to build a profitable professional network can help you be tremendously successful.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketers such as social media managers and SEO experts are in huge demand. The reason is the inevitable shift in marketing practices. Instead of investing in traditional marketing, business owners are now turning to digital marketing. Hence, as the number of businesses and start-ups increases, the demand for digital marketers will increase too.

Content Writer

We all know that content is the king. And this is why content writers and editors can get tremendous opportunities in almost every industry. However, to earn well through this career option, it is essential to have significant experience and an impressive portfolio. If you choose to work as a freelancer, you can earn as per the number of projects you undertake.

Customer Service Representative

The job of customer service or call centre representative is to sell products for a company over phone calls, messages, or emails. However, their role is not restricted to selling products. Customer service representatives are also hired to resolve queries the customers may have with the products of a company. If you are a people-person and can communicate flawlessly, you may be the right fit.


Dietician helps clients achieve their health goals by advising them on what they should eat. This is one of the most trending career options today because obesity rates in the world are consistently increasing, and people are more conscious about what they put in their body now more than ever. Moreover, it allows you to work with your clients online without having to set up an office.

While the careers mentioned above are all the rage today, it is important to first assess your skills before diving in. After all, you can achieve success and be truly happy with your profession if you play to your strengths. So, ask yourself where your strengths lie, and you will certainly be able to make the right choice.

About the author: Suman Agarwal

Suman Agrawal, the Co-founder and Director of Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI)

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