It's not just another tech job

Our mission is to enable the perfect match between talent and opportunity.

Finding a job is easy and we show you how

We help you get matched with exciting tech companies by combining human expertise and data science.

The technology

Your skills and expertiese gets matched with the most relevant IT career opportunities by machine-learning algorithms, so you can be sure to get only great offers.

The human touch

Your dedicated Talent Hero offers you support through the whole hiring process and the person you can always turn to with questions regarding the role, salary, or the company.


We're here to help

Your Talent Hero will be on hand to help you through the whole hiring process. Read on to learn about what you can rely on them with.

Preparing for interviews

First impression counts a lot and with our tips and best practices you’re going to be able to make one in each step of the process.

Finding your right match

We provide unbiased opinion on the offers you get from companies through the platform so you can make sure to choose the right ones for you to move forward with.

Giving career advice

We help you make more informed decisions based on both local and international salary trends, also recommending culturally fitting positions.

Reliable support

Either by helping you to create a profile that stands out, or encouraging you before an interview, we’ve got your back.

How It Works

Make your profile stand out

You can showcase your expertise, skills, passions and career goals on your personalized Techloop profile. Our talent team is here to help to get you stand out of the crowd.
Let companies know of your most recent projects, tech stack and language skills, so they can be sure you are the right person for the role.

Jobs are looking for you

You have the control in your hands. Interview requests from innovative startups and top tech companies are relevant and transparent.

Accept and respond to interview requests for job opportunities that are aligned with your aspirations, career goals and salary expectations. Decline requests explaining why the role is not the right fit for you using our suggested responses.

Go for the perfect match

Compare and decide which offer you take without any distractions while you make a decision. Accept the role that’s right for you and make your next career move!
"I was very happy with the services of Techloop, I managed to find a new job with them in no time. During the procedure a Talent Hero was in touch with me and helped me whenever I had a question. I would very gladly recommend Techloop if you need a new job in the IT field."
Python Developer

Why Techloop works

While recruitment firms are motivated by not just your personal interests, job boards are a mess of ads and referrals don’t respect your privacy, we think we can do better. Here’s how Techloop approaches IT hiring.

Highly relevant

Techloop is a platform for tech talents actively looking for new career moves. Employers know you are open to their offers, companies find you with relevant roles and you can stay hidden from your current or previous employers.

Tailored to you

We are not recruiters and are genuinely interested in your personal success of finding your new dream tech job. For the very same reason, no recruitment firms are accepted to Techloop.

Completely free

Our focus in on the talents and our aim is to turn searching for a job into a fast and pleasant experience – quite the opposite how it is generally. You’ll always have free access to our platform, where job opportunities look for you.

We believe finding jobs is easy. So should you!

Apply today to let your next dream IT job find you in no time.