There Is No Shortage of Competence Within Tech

In the EU’s single market people, goods, services, and money can move around as freely as within a single country. Mutual recognition plays a central role in getting rid of barriers to trade.

EU provides an open market

EU citizens can study, live, shop, work and retire in any EU country – and enjoy products from all over Europe. This gives IT professionals the opportunity of moving freely within all EU countries for work.

Use the benefits of EU to your company’s advantage.

The new Silicon Valley

According to Redwhale, 18% of the workforce in Stockholm is occupied in high-tech related jobs. That’s almost one-fifth of the entire workforce! This is the highest share compared to any other city in Europe. Stockholm also has the highest amount of Unicorn startups per capita in the world after Silicon Valley.

In a recent article, Business Insider listed the seven new unicorns of 2017. Six of them are from Sweden! Enough said. With Sweden being the most innovative and fastest growing market for Tech-startups it’s easy to attract talents from abroad and a big part of these talents are willing to move for their career.

Different markets

According to Stack Overflow’s study, there are about 175 000 developers in Sweden, compared to for example Holland with 310 000. The total in Europe is 5,5 million developers. So the reality is that the rest of EU does not suffer from the same lack of IT professionals as we do in Sweden.

My conclusion is, there is no shortage of competence within Tech. There, I said it!

However, the lack of IT professionals, specifically in Sweden, can only become saturated by recruiting candidates from other countries. And that is the reality we need to face and start adjusting to.

Budget is not an objection

Techloop offers thousands of IT professionals and to help companies in Sweden adjust to this reality Techloop now offers a generous starting package for relocating candidates in association with Crown World Mobility. As our preferred partner, Crown offers global reach, proven professional experience and knowledge to help you get the right people to your company without the extra time and resources spent from your side. And the brilliant part is, Techloop covers the cost, so not even budget will be the objection anymore.

Time to face reality

You’ve got the needs, we have the candidates, candidates want to move here.
Let us help you find them and let Crown help you get them settled!

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