Failing Interview

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Fail Your Job Interview

Are you in the mood for some career-destroying behavior or do you enjoy unemployment? If god forbid, you get invited to an interview, here are nine ways you can utterly ruin your chances. Apart from the proven strategy of just not showing up, that is.

Don’t Prepare for It

Questions such as, “What do you know about us?” and “Why do you want to work for us?” are interview classics and not even developers can escape them. If you don’t do any research about the company beforehand, you’ll be found out during the interview which means a big black mark for you.

Share Unwanted Details about Yourself

We have already written in detail about how much honesty is too much in an interview, but it can’t be left off the list of interview sabotage techniques. Although we generally recommend openness if you want to succeed in an interview, gushing about yourself to the point where it’s just too much is a proven way of scaring off your potential new employer. The more controversial, personal, and vulgar you can be, the better the sabotage effect will be.

Arrive Late Without Apology or Giving Notice

Arriving too early also works (think at least 30 minutes early), but lateness is significantly more reliable. For maximum effect, you should get to the interview a good 15 minutes late without the semblance of an apology. Under no circumstances should you call the company to inform them of your delay – such a thoughtful and considerate action could sabotage your sabotage.

Wear a Sloppy Outfit

The outer shell matters not. Yeah, that creased t-shirt could probably use iron, and the ketchup stain is possibly a little unsightly, but surely no-one is shallow enough to care about such insignificant and minor details, right?

Start with a Long List of Demands

Nothing screams “me, me, me” louder than starting the interview by reciting a list of your demands. If this doesn’t come across as arrogant enough, make it crystal clear that you won’t budge from your wishlist under any circumstances. You’ve got your price, so let’s see if they think you’re worth it.

Badmouth Your ex-Manager or Company

If you want thoroughly ensure an interview scandal, don’t forget to criticise your previous boss ruthlessly. Don’t leave out any of the negative details and don’t be afraid to get creative. Your potential boss will then start to worry if you’ll be doing the same thing about her in a year. At this point, your interview failure is almost in the bag.

Underestimate Yourself

The more you play down your skills and work experience, the higher the likelihood of blowing your chances at the interview. It works best if you tear your CV into pieces.

Make Out That You’re Superman

If you’re not feeling the underestimation technique, try the opposite approach: unwavering confidence and a chronic overestimation of your abilities. There’s nothing better than trying to kid the interviewer into thinking you know all kinds of things only for this completely unravel when he dares to ask about one of the specific skills you… ahem… embellished your knowledge of.

Make it Clear That You Only Care About the Money

The main aim is to make sure that no-one thinks you are in the slightest bit interested in the company at hand (nor, god forbid, the people in it). From the outset, say that you’re only interested in what you’ll get out of the cooperation, especially regarding financial compensation and other benefits.

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